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Character Design

Being a modern tragedy, I wanted the characters colors to reflect the characters' Depression Era environment


hades line up 2023_edited.png

My Objective for these characters was to to push their shapes in order for them to be recognizable to the audience they are introduced to. 

To accomplish this I focused on shape based siloettes

When searching for shapes for Euridice's character I took into consideration the shows iconic flower. This also helped make a visual connection to another character, Persephone, as it is inspired by organic plant shapes

Prop Design

Euridice's Apple

Hades's Gold Watch

Orpheus's Lyre

My main objective for props was to paint them so that they look like they belong in the same universe as the characters.

Environment Designs

The Bar

Like the Characters I aimed to to have the environment reflect the dreariness of the time to support the melancholic tone of the story

color palette


color palette

some preliminary exploration


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